Q1. Why Bai Ling Chinese?                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Bai Ling Chinese is especially established for non-native Chinese speakers who are interested in learning the Chinese language as a second language. Through years experiences and research, we have developed our own teaching material and study aids, which have proven to be one of the most effective and quickest ways to master Chinese language. Besides individual tutoring program, we are also offering online Chinese courses to directly benefit the Chinese learners from all over the world. The online video, audio and materials will also help students to refresh their memories and keep track of the lessons. Our engaging teaching techniques will guide you to build a solid Chinese foundation along the way. From now on, you can learn Chinese in a more convenient and flexible manner.

Q2. Which level should I start from? 

Our professional teachers will assess your language proficiency at the start of the course. For students with zero background of Chinese, we have designed a series of Chinese Pronunciation (Hanyu Pinyin) and Elementary Chinese Conversation Course (ECC) to meet the students' needs. For students who have Chinese background, we will provide a more comprehensive teaching materials. They will be involved in more passage reading, oral discussions and comprehension exercises. Through simple and clear explanations, students will gain a better understanding of the key concepts of Chinese.

Q3. If I have Chinese-learning related questions, how can I ask them?

If you have any questions related to learning Chinese, you can email to us. Or you can bring all your questions to us during our in-house tutoring, we will help you clear the confusions as soon as possible.

Q4. Are students required to memorize materials?

We do not force students to memorize materials but help them learning Chinese unconsciously. However, we will guide students to be comfortable with using useful and meaningful phrases or terms through practical conversation. Practice makes perfect, we believe that confidence in oral communication skills can bring their learning to a higher ground.

Q5. Why you want to take online courses and become a member with us?

Our online audio class provides you a more effective and flexible way to learn Chinese in order to best fit into your busy schedules. Students can listen the online audios with unlimited access and download notes, they would benefit tremendously as the lessons can be structured to his/ her own pace. Literally, you will not miss any study materials and you can refresh your memories as many times as you want.

Q6. How to register as a Bai Ling Chinese member?

You can sign up as a Bai Ling Chinese language online member by creating a member profile with your email address. By creating an account with us, you can log in to check and download the up-to-date studying materials.

Q7. What is in a typical BaiLing Chinese online course?

Our online courses include the video, audio lessons and lecture notes. you can listen to the audio while reading the notes, and practicing your pronunciation. You can track your learning progress through online lessons, and downloading the course materials from any computer with internet access by logging into the Bai Ling Member with your email address and password.

Q8. What is the payment methods?

We currently offer three alternative payment methods for customers who are signing up for the online classes. You can make bank transfers, online debit/credit card payment or cheque payment. If you have any other requirements, please email us at blchinese@hotmail.com and let us know what payment method you'd like to use. We'll send you further instructions upon receiving your email.