Zoom / Skype Live Chinese Class

To meet your needs and make you more flexibility in your Chinese classes, Bai Ling Chinese also provides you an opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese lessons in a small group or 1-on-1 through Zoom and Skype with a professional teacher.

Learn Mandarin Chinese on Skype is another way of learning a language more effectively. Once you register with Skype Bai Ling Chinese, you are able to learn Chinese at anytime and any location that fit around your lifestyle and budget. Just simply add us (search “Bai Ling Chinese”) on Skype, no registration fees and no costs for extra material. Besides that, we also offer you a 15 mins free trial online Chinese tuition with us before you decide.

We have tutors available for you 24/7. Each Chinese lessons lasts for 60 minutes, you can book as many or as few hours of tutoring for your own needs. Our tutor will help you master any specific difficulties that you may have and you can get rapid feedback from our tutor. All available class times are displayed online, you can schedule or reschedule your class quickly and your tutor will call you on Skype to begin the lesson. You are ready to start the real conversation with our native speaking experienced language tutor to learn Chinese in a way that is effective and fun.

Our customized Chinese Mandarin program and flexible Skype tutoring hours are suitable for all levels of Chinese learners. We will guide and work with you every step of the way. Teaching effectively and learning easily is our goal to make your dream of learning Chinese come true.

To start the Skype Chinese school with us, you only need to do following steps:

1. Make sure your computer or Smartphone or TV has a working microphone. If it does not come equipped with a build-in microphone, you will need to purchase one and attach to it.

2. Go to Skype.com, download and install the free Skype software.

3. Load Skype, follow the simple instructions and create a free Skype account and username.

4. Sign up and schedule a free trial Skpye Chinese lesson.

5. After you have signed up and scheduled your first class, you can simply log in to your Skype account, add us (Bai Ling Chinese) and start the online language lesson with our expert tutor.

If you need any help, please feel free to email us: info@blchinese.com or contact Skype: Bai Ling Chinese.