About Us


Bai Ling Chinese was established   Since the year 2014. We provide Chinese courses online as well as private tuition for groups or on a one-to-one basis. In addition, we also provide Chinese translation services and design Chinese learning products.



Our Vision: To become the top Chinese language services brand with the highest professional standards.


Our Mission: Promote Chinese language and culture, create an effective learning environment, and improve every learner’s knowledge and understanding of Chinese.


Our Philosophy: Teaching Effectively, Learning Easily!

公司理念 :因材施教, 学而不厌!

Our material is specially created for learners with different ages and levels.


Our teachers are native Chinese speakers and Chinese-English bilinguals. They are fully-qualified and have professional teaching experience. They are friendly, dedicated, creative and able to provide learners with a wonderful learning experience that is productive but stress free.


Our Core Team:

 Eva Quan / Native Chinese Speaker

MA Applied Linguistics(Northumbria University, UK)

BA International Business Management (Northumbria University, UK)


Jean Wen / Native Chinese Speaker

MA Biological Sciences (State University of New York, Buffalo, NY, USA)

Jinhao Hewson / NativeChinese Speaker

Msc Management (Brunel University, UK)

Our Teaching Methodology:

  • Hanyu Pinyin (Pronunciation)    
  • Daily Chinese Vocabulary (Vocabulary)                                                           
  • Conversation Courses (Sentences, Dialogue , Conversation)
  • Songs, Movies and Games (Unconscious learning)
  • Live communicate with native Chinese speaker (Practice makes perfect)