Hanyu Pinyin Intensive Course

Course Details/ 课程大纲

汉语拼音的重要性(The importance of Hanyu Pinyin)

什么是汉语拼音(What is Hanyu Pinyin)

单韵母(Single vowels/ Simple finals)


声母(Consonants/ Initials)

复韵母 (Compound vowels/ Finals)

整体认读 (Read the syllables as a whole)

汉语拼音字母表(Hanyu Pinyin List)



This course is specially designed for beginning level learners, who are interested in learning the Chinese phonetics or learners who want to improve their Chinese pronunciation.   

Date/日期: Every week (Mon - Fri)

Time/时间: 10:00am-11:00am

Fee/收费: $125/  (5 Lessons X 1hr), Materials fees are included, No GST & FREE Registration fee.

For inquiry, please email: info@blchinese.com, SMS: 81126758 Call:90620689 

For more information please visit our website: www.blchinese.com 

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Limited seating (Max 4 each class), first come basis!